December May

  • Chiara DeLuna University of California, Davis


I was surprised to find a birthday car from Curt in my inbox. It was especially strange because he had been dead for five months.

Author Biography

Chiara DeLuna, University of California, Davis

With a doctorate in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of California, I write as an academic, publishing many articles for scholarly journals and shorter, friendlier pieces in magazines for professional and lay audiences. I carefully observe and interpret human behavior, a practice that contributes to my creative writing. Since 2006, I have made creative writing part of my weekly schedule. Frequenting biweekly writing workshops at The Women’s Center of Greater Lansing since 2011, I have also attended writing conferences at the Cambridge Center for Adult Learning. I love exploring different voices and genres and find that my stories are as often compelled by a particular voice as they are by a specific idea, situation, or plot.

Second to writing, I also love to cook. I love experimenting with new ingredients and flavors, like I do new characters and voices, to find unexpected outcomes. My two lifetime goals are to be posthumously famous as the author with the most diverse set of published work ever discovered and to popularize the peanut butter and pickle sandwich.

My work has been recently published in Crack the Spine, Issue 100. I write under the pen name Chiara DeLuna.
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