Structuring Somnolence: Sleep Science Technology as a Medium for Drawing with the Body at Rest

  • Lisa Carrie Goldberg


“Structuring somnolence: Sleep science technology as a medium for drawing with the Body at rest” is an investigation into the fields of sleep science and art. 

Author Biography

Lisa Carrie Goldberg

Lisa Carrie Goldberg is a Canadian-born multidisciplinary artist. Her projects often take the form of full-sensory installations that mimic psychological and sociological experiments. Her work examines the realm of art and science, covering topics in neuroscience, anthropometry and microbiology. The presentation of her projects function as teaching tools, which exceed merely representational work. For Lisa, being an artist means having a social responsibility to her surroundings. One aspect of this process involves research and collaborations with non-artists. In 2011, Lisa earned her Master of Science in Biological Arts from The University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with double distinctions, from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2008. She has recently completed a three-month residency at The Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and will be teaching the Art and Life Manipulation course in the Anatomy and Human Biology department at The University of Western Australia in late 2011. Her works have been shown in Canada, United States, Ireland and Australia.
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