Have You Heard of MS?


  • Krystin Kantenwein


Initially, I wrote this non-fiction essay as a way to cope with my undiagnosed neurological symptoms. However, as I continued writing, this story shifted and evolved into one that speaks directly to women and the doctors that dismiss them -- women who present with physical symptoms, but leave with a diagnosis of depression. Although mental illnesses can cause physical ailments, I seek to illuminate the assumptions doctors have made about my body and mind in hopes that women, not only those with neurological conditions but those who remain undiagnosed, can feel heard, when for so long we have been silenced. 


Author Biography

Krystin Kantenwein

Krystin Kantenwein is a Writing Specialist at a two-year college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is also a graduate student in the English program at Mount Mary University. Her work has been featured in the Marquette Literary Review and Arches Magazine.




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